Month: September 2020

DOTS and SPOTS in Ophthalmology

DOTS and SPOTS in Ophthalmology

This is a comprehensive list on DOTS AND SPOTS in Ophthalmology.Several one-liners and MCQs are asked in this topic.Revise this list a few times before exams. Histo spot: Punched-out chorio-retinal scars in Presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (POHS) Cotton wool spots: Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of cotton-wool spots. Cotton-wool spots have been associated …

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NODULES in Ophthalmology

Nodules in Ophthalmology

The following is a list of eponymous and non-eponymous nodules in Ophthalmology. Bussaca’s nodule – Inflammatory nodules in granulomatous uveitis over anterior surface of iris (REMEMBER _ BuSSacca nodules occur in iris Stroma – SS) Koeppe’s nodule – Inflammatory nodules in granulomatous uveitis over inner margin of iris. (REMEMBER – KoePPE nodules occur in Pupillary …

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FRUIT and VEGETABLE related One-Liners in Medicine

fruits and vegetable in medicine

????STRAWBERRY TONGUE-KAWASAKI????STRAWBEERY GUM-WEGENERS GRANULOMATOSIS????STRAWBERRY NASAL MUCOSA-SARCOIDOSIS????STARWBERRY NASAL MASS-RHINOSPORIDIOSIS????STRAWBERRY HAMENGIOMAS IN SKIN????STRAWBERRY GALL BLADDER-CHOLESTEROSIS????STRAWBERY VAGINA-TRICHOMONIASIS????STRAWBERRY SHAPED SKULL-EDWARDS SYNDROME????STRAWBERRY RECTOSIGMOID -INFECTION OF SPIROCHETE????STRAWBERRY SKIN- sarcoidosis????Strawberry sigmoid-b.vincenti????Strawberry nevus – capillary haemanigoma. ????RASPBERRY TUMOR: Umbilical adenoma????CRANBERRY JUICE – prevents UTI (Uinary tract infection)????Berry Aneurysms – saccular aneurysm of cerebral artery.????Berry Ligament- lateral thyrohyoid ligament.????Blueberry muffin baby – congential CMV., …

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Carcinogens are commonly asked in medical exams (be it USMLE, PLAB, NEET). Direct one-liners are asked about which carcinogen causes which cancer, and the mechanism of the carcinogenicity. More commonly though, exposure to carcinogen(s) is mentioned as a clinical clue in Clinical Vignettes, where the clue often clinches the diagnosis. Go through the following HIGH …