Month: June 2021

Mnemonics for Causes of Ileus

A mnemonic for the common causes of adynamic ileus is: 5 Ps The classic “5 Ps” are: P: postoperative P: peritonitis P: potassium: low (also disturbances of other electrolytes) P: pelvic and spinal fractures P: parturition However, there are a few further Ps that can be included: P: pancreatitis P: Parkinson medication P: painkillers, e.g. opioids Another useful mnemonic to remember the causes of Ileus is GOOD …

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Mnemonic for Risk Factors of Endometrial Carcinoma – HONDA

HONDA increase risk of Endometrial carcinoma; Hypertension, Obesity, Nulliparity, Diabetes, Aging. ENDOMET can also be used to remember risk factors for endometrial carcinoma. Another mnemonic that can help you remember the risk factors of endometrial carcinoma is OLD AUNT. Hope that mnemonic helped. Got a better mnemonic for the same? Let us know in the …

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Mnemonics for Clinical Features of Wernicke-Korsakoff’s psychosis

Remember the clinical features of Wenicke-Korsakoff psychosis using the mnemonic COAT RACK. Wernicke’s encephalopathy (acute phase) Confusion Ophthalmoplegia Ataxia Thiamine tx. Korsakoff’s psychosis (chronic phase) Retrograde amnesia Anterograde amnesia Confabulation Korsakoff’s psychosis Hope that mnemonic helped. Got a better mnemonic for the same? Let us know in the comments below.Also check out these medical mnemonics

Budd–Chiari syndrome Triad

Budd–Chiari syndrome is a rare condition caused by occlusion of the hepatic veins that drain the liver. It presents with the classical triad of abdominal pain, ascites, and liver enlargement. The syndrome can be fulminant, acute, chronic, or asymptomatic. MORE ARTICLES

Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

direct ophthalmoscopy versus indirect ophthalmoscopy

Ophthalmoscopy or Fundoscopy is the visualisation of the retina or fundus. Direct Ophthalmoscope A direct ophthalmoscope is a device that produces an unreversed or upright image of around 15 times magnification. The direct ophthalmoscope is a critical tool used to inspect the back portion of the interior eyeball, which is called the fundus. Examination is usually best …

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