Month: November 2021

Mnemonic for Signs and Symptoms of Tension Pneumothorax

Remember the signs and symptoms of Pneumothorax using this mnemonic P-THORAX. P-THORAX Pleuritic pain Tracheal deviation Hyperresonance Onset sudden Reduced breath sounds (and dyspnea) Absent fremitus X-ray shows collapse We also have another mnemonic for the common causes of Pneumothorax that you can find here. Hope that mnemonic helped. Got a better mnemonic for the …

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Triad of Alport Syndrome

Alport syndrome is an oculo-renal syndrome characterized by a triad of clinical findings consisting of hemorrhagic nephritis, sensorineural hearing loss and characteristic ocular findings. The triad of Alport syndrome is SNHL – Sensorineural deafness, Progressive kidney failure and Ocular anomalies. Remember the mnemonic KOH to remember the triad of Alport syndrome. K – Kidney : …

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