Month: August 2023


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, are a class of psychotropic drugs used as antidepressants. SSRIs  modify the concentration in the brain of some neurotransmitters responsible for the regulation of mood (in particular by increasing that of serotonin) by blocking the main biological process of eliminating it from the synaptic vesicle (reuptake). They are therefore used …


Narcolepsy Symptoms and Clinical Features Mnemonics

We have several interesting mnemonics to remember the clinical features of Narcolepsy. CHAP: Narcolepsy is characterized by : Excessive daytime sleepiness (Associated with dozing off, or so-called “sleep attacks”) Hypnagogic hallucinations occurring when falling asleep (GOing to bed) Hypnopompic hallucinations occurring when waking up (POMPing out of bed) Cataplexy (emotionally triggered transient muscle weakness) Sleep paralysis (Inability to move for one …

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