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Welcome to MedicoMaestro.com, a site created for medicos, by medicos !

MedicoMaestro was created in 2019 to help medical students and guide them through medical school.

Here you will find study notes and mnemonics to help you ace medical exams, as well as study tips and tricks for NEET-PG preparation, PG Medical entrance exams, AIIMS PG preparation among others.

Motivation and mentorship play a valuable role in your medical school journey. At MedicoMaestro, we bring you interviews from toppers who have aced NEET-PG, AIIMS PG, PGMEE as well as Medical school exams, to help you find the right role models and mentors and to emulate their success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the largest and best learning hub for medical students.

We want to create the most comprehensive and best resource material, in the form of medical notes, mnemonics, videos and study tips, for medical students.

We want to be the best medical encyclopedia in the world.

Our Team

Hello there! I am Dr PKJ (Pankaj Kamal Jeswani).
I am an ophthalmologist by profession and medical educator by passion. I teach Ophthalmology to medical students, preparing for NEXT, INI-CET and other medical entrance exams. I love mentoring young medical minds and helping them in their medical journeys.
Do check my Ophthalmology preparation group on Telegram.

If you are passionate medical student and would like to share your medical knowledge in your medical journey, come join our team and write for us. Email @drpankajjeswani@gmail.com

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Ok then, dear medico!

Happy studying 🙂

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