There are several signs and descriptions in Ophthalmology that are derived from astronomical names.
The following list is a collection of all such astronomical signs and descriptions in Ophthalmology.

Sunset sign on slit lamp examinationInferior subluxation of lens
Sunset sign on external examinationSinking look of eyes in infantile hydrocephalus due to upgaze paresis
Satellite lesions on slit lamp examinationDry looking corneal ulcer with satellite lesions in surrounding cornea in fungal keratitis
Satellite lesions on fundus examinationNewactive necrotising retinitis adjacent to old scars in toxoplasmosis
Asteroid hyalosisRound yellow white calcium globules in vitreous
Sunburst lesionPigmented black patch in retina as seen in resolved haemorrhage
Macular starStar shaped exudation around macula in hypertensive retinopathy, neuroretinitis, diabetes etc
Macular holeDefect of foveal retina involving its full thickness
Pie in the skySuperior quadrantanopsia in temporal lobe lesion
Telescopic Visionalso called Tunnel vision, seen in advanced filed loss as in Advanced Glaucoma, Retinitis pigmentosa

Do let us know in the comments if we missed any such ophthalmic entities that derive their name from astronomy.

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