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Several Bacteria are known by their eponymous / alternate names. These are often asked in NEET-PG and medical PG exams as direct one-liners.

This table enlists all bacteria with their alternate eponymous table.

SR NO.Scientific Name Eponymous Name
1BordetellaBordet gengou bacillus
2clostridium tetaniNicolaire’s bacillus
3corynebacterium diphtheriaeKlebs Loeffler’s bacillus
4Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosisPriesz Nocard bacillus
5corynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticumHoffman’s bacillus
6Haemophilus aegypticuskoch weeks bacillus
7Haemophilus influenzaePfeiffer’s bacillus
8Klebsiella pneumoniaeFriedlander’s bacillus
9Klebsiella ozaenaeAbel’s bacillus
10Klebsiella rhinoscleromatosisFrisch bacillus
11Mycobacterium tuberculosisKoch’s bacillus
12Mycobacterium intracellulareBattey’s bacillus
13Mycobacterium paratuberculosisJohne’s bacillus
14MycoplasmaEaton agent
15Pseudomonas pseudomalleiWhitmore’s bacillus

Since this is pretty volatile information, do revise this table frequently.
Do let us know in the comments below if we missed any of these eponymous names.
PS – this list is a work-in-progress.

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