Beta blockers, also written β-blockers, are important for your exams. Here are some useful mnemonics to remember the beta-blockers.

Beta-blockers site of action ( remember 1 heart , 2 lungs)
Beta-1 = 1 heart

Beta-2 = 2 lungs

Adrenoceptors: vasomotor function of alpha vs. beta  (remember ABCD):

Alpha = Constrict.

Beta = Dilate.

Beta blockers: B1 selective vs. B1-B2 non-selective (remember A->N  O->Z)
A through N: B1 selective: Acebutalol, Atenolol, Esmolol, Metoprolol.

O through Z: B1, B2 non-selective: Pindolol, Propanalol, Timolol.

Uses of Beta-blockers include (remember H&M HAT):

Hypertension / Hypertension ocular (Glaucoma)
Myocardial infarction /Migraine prevention
Hyperthrophy obstructive cardiomyopathy
Angina pectoris / Arrhythmia


Beta-blockers: main contraindications, cautions (remember ABCDE):

Block (heart block)
Diabetes mellitus

Electrolyte (hyperkalemia)

Beta-blockers : side effects – Remember “BBC Loses Viewers In Rochedale”

Vivid dreams & nightmares
Inotropic action

Reduced sensitivity to hypoglycaemia

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