CARDIAC MURMURS for Medical Exams (USMLE, NEET, PLAB) – High Yield Notes

cardiac murmurs
1Early diastolic murmur at lower left sternal edge & also in Aortic are
increasing intensity in expiration
visible carotid pulsation (in severity )
Aortic regurgitation (AR)
2Early diastolic murmur in pulmonary area + increasing intensity in inspiration Pulmonary regurgitation (PR)
3Mid diastolic murmur at Apex + Rumbling in nature & increasing intensity in Expiration + Best heard in left lateral decubitus position + Loud S1 + Tapping apex beatMitral Stenosis
4Ejection mid systolic murmur in Aortic area + Increasing intensity in Expiration + Radiation to carotidsAortic Stenosis
5Ejection mid systolic murmur in left 2nd , 3rd intercostal space + No change of intensity in inspiration or Expiration + wide fixed splitting S2ASD
6Pansystolic murmur in Tricuspid area + Increasing intensity in inspiration Tricuspid Regurgitation
7Pansystolic murmur in mitral area + Increasing intensity in Expiration + radiation to left Axilla Mitral Regurgitation
8Pansystolic murmur in left lower sternal edge+ No change of intensity in inspiration or ExpirationVDSD
9Continuous machinary murmur at left upper sternal borderPDA
10Ejection mid systolic murmur in in pulmonary area+ Increasing intensity in inspiration+ radiation to left shoulderPulmonary stenosis

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