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Starry-Sky pattern in Burkitt’s Lymphoma

High Yield One Liner : Starry-Sky pattern is seen in Burkitt’s lymphoma. Explanation The tumor cells of B lymphoblast’s which are large rounded or indented nucleus and 3 or 4 nucleoli with thin layer of basophilic cytoplasm are closely apposed to each other forming a dark blue background (the ‘sky’). The surrounding macrophages with abundant …

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Carcinogens are commonly asked in medical exams (be it USMLE, PLAB, NEET). Direct one-liners are asked about which carcinogen causes which cancer, and the mechanism of the carcinogenicity. More commonly though, exposure to carcinogen(s) is mentioned as a clinical clue in Clinical Vignettes, where the clue often clinches the diagnosis. Go through the following HIGH …


Father of Pharmacology

Oswald Schmiedeberg Father of Pharmacology

Who is known as the Father of Pharmacology?A. Oswald SchmiedebergB. J LangleyC. Rudolf BuchheimD. Paul Ehrlich Correct answer : A. Oswald Schmiedeberg Oswald Schmiedeberg is regarded as the Father of Pharmacology. Oswald Schmiedeberg earned his medical doctorate from the University of Dorpat with a thesis on the measurement of chloroform in blood, titled “Determination and Concentration of Chloroform in the …

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