Xanthogranuloma pyelonephritis – High Yield Notes

Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis is a rare chronic inflammatory condition of the kidney characterized by inflammation with sheets of lipid-laden macrophages, cholesterol clefts and fibrosis. The exact etiology is unclear however the condition is strongly associated with long-standing obstruction with low-grade infection. It typically affects middle aged women but has been seen from ages 2 to 82. …

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Tillaux’s triad

Tillaux’s traid helps us in diagnosis of Mesenteric cyst during physical examination : This triad consists of :1- Fluctuant swelling (cyst) near the umblicus.2- It moves freely in direction vertical on the attachment of mesentery.3- It is dull surrounded by a zone of resonance and traversed by band of resonance. A mesenteric cyst  is a cyst in the mesenterium, …

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Signs In Radiology – A Comprehensive List

This is a comprehensive compilation of the various imaging signs seen in radiology, compiled from online resources like radiopaedia, LearningRadiology and standard textbooks.This is a high-yield topic in radiology and multiple MCQs are asked on this topic, in every medical exam, be it USMLE, NEET, PLAB, INICET. DO bookmark this page and try to revise …

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