Mnemonics for features of Turner syndrome

Remember the features of Turner Syndrome using the mnemonic ELECTION. Eye problems → ptosis, amblyopia, cataract Ear infections and hearing loss Lymphedema Low hair line Liver disorder Elbow deformity → cubitus valgus Cardiac abnormalities → Bicuspid aortic valve and Cortication Thyroid disorder → hypothyroidism Increased weight and BP Ovaries dysgenesis → infertility, amenorrhea Nipples → …

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Kayser-Fleischer Ring

kayser fleischer ring

Introduction Kayser-Fleischer ring (K-F ring), also referred to as Fleischer-Kayser ring or Fleischer-Strumpell ring is the most common ophthalmologic manifestation of Wilson disease. KR ring is seen as a golden-brown or green-yellow, bronze or reddish-brown ring in the periphery of the cornea. It occurs due to deposition of copper granules in the cornea. The excess circulating …

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