Causes of Heterochromia iridis

Difference in the colour of iris is
called heterochromia of iris.

The colour difference
of iris in same eye is called heterochromia
iridium. Generally it is seen in both eyes and
some part of the iris has a different colour than
other parts, in which case it is called heterochromia

Causes of heterochromia iridis:

  1. Simple or idiopathic
  2. Trauma
  3. Horner syndrome
  4. Fuchs heterochromic iritis (cyclitis)*
  5. Posner-Schlossman syndrome**
  6. Waardenburg syndrome***
  7. Nevus of Ota
  8. Malinoma of iris
  9. Syderisos (brown)
  10. Chalcosis (yellow)
  11. Rubeosis (red)


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