Colony Appearances of Bacteria are directly asked MCQs in NEET PG and medical school exams.

Also, knowledge of the colony or culture appearance will help in solving clinical vignettes in microbiology.

These colony appearnces can also be asked as Image based questions.

This table enlists all the commonly asked Bacterial colony appearances in Microbiology.

SR NO.Colony appearance in cultureOrganism
1Bamboo stick;
medusa head;
inverted fir tree appearance
Bacillus anthracis
2Thumb print appearance,
bisected pearls,
mercury drops,
aluminium paint appearance
Bordetella pertussis
3School of Red FishHaemophilus ducreyi
4SatellitismClostridium perfringens
5 Naegler’s reactionMycoplasma
6Fried egg colonyNeisseria meningitidis
7Draughtsman (concentric rings) appearncePneumococcus
8Swarming growth(Fishy , seminal smell)Proteus
9Oil paint appearanceStaphylococcus
10Stalatite growth in ghee brothYersinia pestis
11Daisy head colony Corynebacteria diphtheriae (gravis)
12Frog’s egg colony Corynebacteria diphtheriae (intermedius)
13Poached egg colony Corynebacteria diphtheriae (mitis)

Do review and revise these high yield topics every once in a while.

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