Difference Between Male and Female Pelvis

The anatomical differences between male and female pelvis are frequently asked in medical school exams as well as in USMLE, PLAB and NEXT.

The following table summarises the Differences between the male and female pelvis.

General structureHeavy and thickLight and thin
Articular surfacesLargeSmall
Muscle attachmentsWell markedIndistinct
False pelvisDeepShallow
Pelvic inletHeart shapedOval
Pelvic canal/cavity“Long segment of a short cone,” i.e., long and tapered“Short segment of a long cone,” i.e., short with almost parallel sides
Pelvic outletComparatively smallComparatively large
First piece of sacrumSuperior surface of the body occupies nearly half the width of base of sacrumSuperior surface of the body occupies about onethird the width of base of sacrum
SacrumLong, narrow, with smooth forward concavityShort, wide, flat, curving forward in the lower part
Sacroiliac articular facet (auricular surface)Extends down up to the lower border of third piece of sacrumExtends down only up to the upper border of third piece of sacrum
Subpubic angle (Fig. 13.6; angle between inferior pubic rami< 90° (angle between the middle and index fingers)90° or more (angle between the thumb and the index finger)
Inferior pubic ramusPresents a strong everted surface for attachment of the crus of the penisThis marking is not present
Ischial tuberositiesInturnedEverted
Obturator foramenLarger and ovalSmaller and triangular

 the male and female pelvis

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