Drug of Choice – Oncology

“Drug of Choice” questions are direct one-liners in NEET-PG as well as examiners’ favourites in medical school exams-be it in pharmacology or medicine.
In this section, we bring you the complete list of Drug of Choice in oncology.
These should be printed out or noted down for a quick glance every few days.
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The tabular columns will help you test yourself and memorize these Drugs of choice better.

Drug of choice for breast cancer Tamoxifen
Drug of choice for testicular cancer Bleomycin+ Etoposide + Cisplatin
   Drug of choice for ovarian cancer Cisplatin with Paclitaxel
Drug of choice for chemotherapy for cervix carcinoma Cisplatin
Drug of choice for choriocarcinoma Methotrexate
Drug of choice for carcinoma of endometrium Progestins
Drug of choice for prostate carcinoma Flutamide
Drug of choice for lung cancer Cisplatin with Taxane
Drug of choice for malignant melanoma Dacarbazine
Drug of choice for stomach cancer Fluorouracil with Cisplatin
 Drug of choice for pancreatic carcinoma Gemcitabine
Drug of choice for Insulinoma Streptozotocin
 Drug of choice for colorectal cancer 5 Fluorouracil
Drug of choice for Wilm’s tumor Vincristine with Danctinomycin
 Drug of choice for the brain tumor Lomustine
 Drug of choice for glioma Nitrosourea
 Drug of choice for acute lymphocytic leukemia(ALL) – Vincristine+Prednisolone+Mercaptopurine +Cyclophosphamide+Methotrexate
 Drug of choice for CLL Chlorambucil or fludarabine
 Drug of Choice for acute myclocytie leukemia Cytarabine with Mitoxantrone
Drug of choice for acute promyeloblastic leukemia Retinoic acid
Drug of choice for CML Imatinib or Busulfan
Drug of choice for hairy cell leukemia Cladarabine
 Drug of choice for polycythemia vera Busulphan or Chlorarmbucil

 Drug of choice for Kaposi’s sarcoma
IF-2 alpha
 Drug of choice for thyroid carcinoma Iodine-131 with Doxarubicin and cisplatin
Drug of choice for radiation-induced vomiting Ondansetron
Drug of choice for vomiting induced by cancer chemotherapy Ondansetron

This article has been compiled from standard pharmacology and medicine textbooks. This article is continuously being updated.
Let us know in the comments below if we could add some more “Drug of choice” pointers.

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