Facial Muscles supplied by Facial Nerve – Quick Summary

The following table summarizes the Innervation of facial muscles by the terminal branches of facial nerve.

Terminal branches of
facial nerve
Muscles innervated
Temporal branch• Upper part of the orbicularis oculi
• Frontalis
• Corrugator supercilii
Zygomatic branchLower part of the orbicularis oculi
Buccal branches
(a) upper buccal
• Zygomaticus major and minor
• Levator anguli oris
• Levator labii superioris
• Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
• Muscles of the nose
(b) lower buccal
• Buccinator
• Orbicularis oris
Marginal mandibular
• Risorius
• Depressor anguli oris
• Depressor labii inferioris
• Mentalis
Cervical branchPlatysma

Innervation of muscles of facial expression by the terminal branches of facial nerve

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