Femoral Triangle and Femoral Sheath Contents Mnemonic

Femoral Triangle and Femoral Sheath Contents Mnemonic

Remember the contents of Femoral triangle along with the relations using the mnemonic NAVEL

The structures of the femoral triangle, from lateral to medial, can be remembered as, NAVEL 
Nerve (femoral nerve)
Artery (femoral artery)
Vein (femoral vein)
Empty space
Lymphatics (lymphatic vessels, deep inguinal lymph nodes)

If lateral medial confuses you, you can remember it as, “Vee-nus (venous system and lymphatics) closer to pee-nus (penis).”

Femoral sheath is a funnel-shaped fascial tube contained within the femoral triangle. The femoral sheath is derived from the transversalis and iliopsoas fascia. It is subdivided into three compartments that contain the femoral artery, femoral vein, and femoral canal.

Mnemonic: ShAVE – The Femoral SHeath contains an Artery, Vein, and Empty space.

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