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Incubation period of diseases is a very,very HIGH YIELD TOPIC in Microbiology, Community medicine and Infectious diseases in medicine.
Year after year, questions on this topic are asked in NEET-PG, AIIMS and other PG exams.

Questions can be asked as direct one-liners or can be asked as a clinical vignette where the incubation period of diseases is a valuable clue.

Learn this table by heart. Either bookmark this table or get a print out, or better still, note this down in your REVISION NOTES.

Do let us know in the comments below if we missed any disease from this table.
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1Chicken poxHuman (alpha) Herpes virus 314-16 Days
2Measies (Rubeolla)RNA Paramyxovirus10-14 days
3Rubella (German measies)RNA Togavirus14-21 Days
4MumpsRNA Myxovirus14-21 Days
5InfluenzaOrthomyxovirus18-72 Days
6DiphtheriaCornynebacterium diphtheriae2-6 days
(Whooping cough)
Bordetella pertussis7-14 days
8Meningococcal meningitisNeisseria meningitis3-4 days
9SARSCoronavirus3-5 days
10TuberculosisMycobacterium tuberculosisweeks-years
11PoliomyelitisPoliovirus7-14 days
12Hepatitis AEnterovirus 72 (Picoenavirus)15-45 days
13Hepatitis BHepadna virus45-180 days
14Hepatitis CHepacivirus30-120 days
15CholeraVibrio cholerae1-2 days
16Typhoid fever Salmonella typhi10-14 days
17staphylococcal food poisoningStaphylococcus aureus1-6 hours
18AscariasisAscaris Lumbricoides2 months
19Ancyclostomiasis (Hookworrm)A. duodenale5 weeks – 9 months
20MalariaPlasmodium vivax8-17 days
21Plasmodium Falciparum9-14 days
22Plasmodium malariae18-40 days
23Plasmodium ovale16-18 days
24Lymphatic FilariasisWuchereria bancroti8-16 months
25RabiesLyssavirus type 1(Rhabdovirus)3-8 weeks
26Yellow feverFlavivirus fibricus2-6 days
27 Japanese encephalitis Group B arbovirus (flavivirus) 5-15 days
28KFD Arbovirus (flavivirus) 3-8 days
29Chikungunya fever Chikungunyavirus (Arbovirus A) 4-7 days
30Leptospirosis Leptospira interrogans 4-20 days
31Bubonic plague Yersinia pestis 2-7 days
32Pneumonic plagueYersinia pestis1-3 days
33Septicemic plague Yersinia pestis 2-7 days
34Scrub typhaeRickettsia tsutsugsmushi10-12 days
35Q feverCoxiella burnetti2-3 weeks
36Teniasis (Tapeworms)T.solium , T. saginate5-14 weeks
37Leishmaniasis (Kala azar)L.donovani1-4 months
38TrachomaChiamydia trachomatis5-12 days
39TeranusClostridium tetani6-10 days
40YawsTreponemia pertenue3-5 weeks
41HIV/AIDSHIV/HTLV -III/LAVmonths -10 years
42Swine fluHN type A influenza1-4 days
43Crimean congo feverNairovirus (Buniyavirus)1-9 days
44H7N6 influenzaH2N3 Type A influenza1-10 days
45MERSBetacoronavirus12 days
46Ebola diseaseEbolavirus2-21 days
47AnthraxBacillus anthracis1-7 days
48BrucellosisBrucella melitensis5-60 days
49COVID-19Novel Coronavirus2-14 days


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