Branches of Main Arteries of The Brain – High Yield Table

Arterial circulation of brain is an important topic frequently asked in medical school exam and competitive exams like USMLE, PLAB and NEXT. The following table summarizes the branches of the main arteries of the brain. Bookmark this post or note down this table.

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Cerebral part of internal carotid arteryCranial (fourth) part of vertebral arteryBasilar artery
Ophthalmic arteryMeningeal arteriesAnterior inferior cerebellar artery
Anterior cerebral arteryAnterior spinal arteryLabyrinthine artery
Middle cerebral arteryPosterior spinal arteryPontine arteries
Posterior communicating arteryPosterior inferior cerebellar arterySuperior cerebellar artery
Anterior choroidal arteryMedullary arteriesPosterior cerebral artery

Branches of the main arteries of the brain

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