Mnemonic for Branches of Maxillary Artery

Arterial branches are tough to remember. Volatile stuff. Use this mnemonic to remember the branches of the maxillary artery –

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  • D: deep auricular artery
  • A: anterior tympanic artery
  • M: middle meningeal artery
  • I: inferior alveolar artery
  • A: accessory meningeal artery
  • M: masseteric artery
  • P: pterygoid artery
  • D: deep temporal artery
  • B: buccinator artery
  • S: sphenopalatine artery
  • D: descending palatine artery
  • I: infraorbital artery
  • P: posterior superior alveolar artery
  • M: middle superior alveolar artery
  • P: pharyngeal artery
  • A: anterior superior alveolar artery
  • A: artery of the pterygoid canal
Branches of Maxillary Artery

Hope you found that mnemonic useful.Also, check out more medical mnemonics here.

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