Mnemonic for Hyperintense Lesions on T1-weighted images

Remember the causes of Hyperintensity on T1 weighted MRI using the mnemonic

My Best Friend is Pretty Cool

Another useful way to remember the T1 Hyperintense Lesions is the mnemonic

3 Fs and 4 Ms


My Best Friend is Pretty Cool:
  • M: melanin
  • B: blood (i.e. methemoglobin in subacute hemorrhage)
  • F: fat and slow flow
  • P: protein; paramagnetic substances (e.g. manganese, copper); posterior pituitary gland
  • C: contrast (i.e. gadolinium) and cholesterol
on T1-Weighted 
3 Fs and 4 Ms:
  • F: fat
  • F: slow flow
  • F: proteinaceous fluid
  • M: melanin
  • M: methemoglobin
  • M: mineralization
  • M: Magnevist (gadolinium contrast) 
on T1-Weighted 

Hope you found those two mnemonics useful. Also check out the following mnemonics.

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