Mnemonic for Pancoast syndrome

Pancoast syndrome (Pancoast’s syndrome) typically results when a malignant neoplasm of the superior sulcus of the lung leads to destructive lesions of the thoracic inlet and involvement of the brachial plexus and cervical sympathetic nerves (stellate ganglion). This is accompanied by the following :

  • Severe pain in the shoulder region radiating toward the axilla and scapula, with later extension along the ulnar aspect of the arm to the hand
  • Atrophy of hand and arm muscles
  • Horner syndrome
  • Compression of the blood vessels with edema.

  • This syndrome can be easily remembered by mnemonic PANCOAST:
  • A Pulmonary Apex Neoplasm Causing O’s Attributable to the Sympathetic Trunk.

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