Mnemonic to remember the Muscular Attachments of the Hyoid bon

The muscular attachments of Hyoid bone are tricky to remember. We have a super useful mnemonic to recall the muscle attachments of the hyoid bone. The first sentence is for six muscles attaching superiorly, the second sentence is for three muscles attaching inferiorly. Both sentences are in order from lateral to medial:

  • Christopher, He Didn’t See Girls Much. That’s Obvious, Stupid.


  • C: constrictor muscle (middle pharyngeal)
  • H: hyoglossus muscle
  • D: digastric muscle (intermediate tendon)
  • S: stylohyoid muscle
  • G: geniohyoid muscle
  • M: mylohyoid muscle
  • T: thyrohyoid muscle
  • O: omohyoid muscle
  • S: sternohyoid muscle
Muscular Attachments of The Hyoid Bone

Hope that mnemonic helped. More such medical mnemonics can be found here! Happy studying 🙂

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