Origin, Insertion, Nerve supply and Actions of Muscles of Adductor Compartment of Thigh

The following table summarizes the origin, insertion, nerve supply, and actions of muscles of the adductor compartment of the thigh.

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MuscleOriginInsertionNerve supplyActions
Pectineus (flat, quadrilateral muscle, composite muscle)• Pecten pubis
• Upper half of the pectineal surface of the superior ramus of the pubis
• Fascia covering the pectineus
Line extending from the lesser trochanter to the linea asperaFemoral nerve and anterior division of the obturator nerveAdduction of the thigh
Adductor longus (triangular muscle, forming the medial part of the floor of the femoral triangle)Body of the pubis in the angle between the pubic crest and the pubic symphysisMiddle 1/3rd of linea asperaObturator nerve (anterior division)Adduction and medial rotation of thigh
Adductor brevis (triangular muscle lying behind the
pectineus and adductor longus)
• Anterior surface of the body of
• Outer surface of the inferior
ramus of the pubis between
the gracilis and the obturator
Line extending from the lesser
trochanter to the linea aspera,
and upper part of the linea
aspera itself just lateral to
Obturator nerve (anterior and
posterior divisions)
Adduction of thigh
Adductor magnus (large
(a) Hamstring part: inferolateral
part of the ischial tuberosity
(b) Adductor part: outer part of
the ischiopubic ramus
• Medial margin of gluteal
• Linea aspera
• Medial supracondylar line
• Adductor tubercle
• Adductor part by the obturator
nerve (posterior division)
• Hamstring part by the tibial
part of sciatic nerve
• Adduction and medial rotation
of thigh
• Weak extension of hip joint
GracilisMedial margin of the lower half
of the body of the pubis:
adjoining anterior part of
inferior ramus of the pubis
Upper part of the medial surface
of tibia between the insertions of
sartorius (in front) and the
semitendinosus (behind)
Obturator nerve (anterior
• Adduction of thigh
• Flexion and medial rotation of

Origin, insertion, nerve supply, and actions of muscles of the adductor compartment of the thigh

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