Remember Keratoconus Signs Using These Mnemonics

keratoconus mnemonic

Keratoconus Signs


????Fleischer ring
????Rizzuti sign
????Excessive bulging of lower lid on downgaze (Munson’s sign)
????Nerves prominent
????Corneal Hydrops

????Vogt’s striae
????Oil droplet reflex
????Corneal scarring
????Early Sign; Scissoring reflex

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You can also remember the signs of Keratoconus using the mnemonic FCONES.


Fleischer Ring
Central scarring
Oil drop reflex / Oedema (hydrops)
Nerves prominent
Excessive bulging of lower lid on downgaze (Munson’s sign)
Striae (Vogt’s)

Keratoconus signs mnemonic

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