Tillaux’s triad

Tillaux’s traid helps us in diagnosis of Mesenteric cyst during physical examination :

This triad consists of :
1- Fluctuant swelling (cyst) near the umblicus.
2- It moves freely in direction vertical on the attachment of mesentery.
3- It is dull surrounded by a zone of resonance and traversed by band of resonance.

mesenteric cyst  is a cyst in the mesenterium, and is a rare abdominal tumors.

It is basically of two types :

1. Chylolymphatic – most common type, thin wall, lined by flat endotheliun, clear chylous fluid present, separate blood vessels

2. Enterogenous cyst – thick walled, lined by columnar, mucinous fluid present common blood supply

The three signs, namely presence of a soft fluctuant swelling in umbilical region, movement of swelling perpendicular to mesentery, and a zone of resonance all around swelling, help in the diagnosis of Mesenteric cyst. The three signs were first reported by Tillaux.

Rif mass

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